Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jim Larson- Three Poems

How can we glorify God when his glory
Is beyond anything we can imagine?
All we can do is show him our hearts and
Praise him extravagantly, giving honor
And extolling his virtues to others who
Believe and those who may be influenced
By our love for him.

Praise, glory and honor we give to the Lord
To the Father. the Spirit and the Son;
For in them and by them and through them
We through are hearts are joined as one.

As we love each other we come to know
God's grace and joy in life,
But without him, we are adrift at sea,
Consumed with fear and strife.

So let us love each other more abundantly
And give to those in need,
For love comes through acting and giving
Of ourselves, our lives, our deeds.

The beauty of the Lord is like the glory of his being,
A mystery to the eyes and found without seeing.
When we seek him we find within our soul
A spark, a light, an indefinable power,
That guides us from moment to moment
Each year, each day, each hour.

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