Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cam Kurer- Two Poems

Under the Telephone Pole

at midnight on a hill
overlooking the city

i come to pray
and worship

lost and wondering
waiting to hear his voice

just a new found believer
searching for answers

the world i came from
was hopeless and desperate

I look up at the stars
into the eyes of the living god

not quite comprehending
that he would die
on a pole

to speak his love for me.

Sunday Worship

hiking the woods
i am in the assembly
of the created

autumn trees become
stained glass windows

the polyphony of canada geese
lift my eyes heavenward

the choir of aspen
clap their hands
in praise

the steeples beyond
ring urgent bells

a reminder
i am late
for worship

but today
i am in no hurry

Personal Bio: Cam Kurer received his English degree with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He has published his poetry in The Fredericksburg Literary Review, The Northern Cardinal Review, The Whirlwind Review, and others. He currently resides on a small farm in southeastern Wisconsin.

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