Thursday, April 28, 2016

Francis Annagu- A Poem

Watering Dreams

The broad-back woman
At the well stood azure
Like green leaves opening
Out their pores to absorb
Sun. She has a pelvic pain
Within her abdomen of womanhood,
A childless foetus like bucket-
Full of dreams quixoting
In her terrainous road.
She unwillingly tied a strand
Around her neck pulling
Up rusted-wheels of black water
From the ball-round well
To wet a vegetation dry,
Planted behind her lost memories.

Francis Annagu have been published on Galway Review, Tuck Magazine,
Ayiba Magazine, Kalahari Review, Sunflower Collective, Ancient Path
Literary Journal, Commonline Journal, WRR, Potomac Review, The Poet
Community and others.

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