Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Linda Barrett- A Poem

Linda Barrett is a prolific poet with her work seen in her church's newsletter called the St. John's Anglican Evangelist. She earned awards for her work in the Montgomery County Community College Writer's contest three years running. Ms. Barrett lives in Abington, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. for over 50 years.

Knitted within my Mother’s womb
One cell
Expands within 
My mother’s womb
Father’s sperm inserts
Into her ova, ignites
His DNA into hers then
They blend and the cell
Separates into two within one
Multiplies from two to three
Four to five then sixes and sevens
At the first month,
The baby’s own separate genetic structure
Builds from within its own helix 
 Curled up inside the placenta
Umbilical cord earning nourishment
Attached to my mother’s uterus’ wall
Two months later,
My eyes are two small dots
I resemble a tadpole
Fingers and toes form
My nose breathes amniotic fluid 
Three months:
Brain and spinal column work
Thoughts float around in them
As does my growing infant body.
My small heart pounds 
within my translucent form
swimming in the womb.
Six months later:
Fingerprints form on my hands
Swirling hair crowns my skull
Skin covers the body
Nine months later:
the time comes when
contractions push me out
into the world
a being
fearfully and wonderfully made
by God.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. The miracle of life. We are all GOD'S creation.