Sunday, May 8, 2016

Andrew M. Bowen- Two Poems

Andrew M. Bowen works as a insurance salesman in Bloomington, IN.  He has published 59 poems and recently submitted his first two novels for publication.  He is also an actor who has appeared in eight independent films, seven stage productions, and two radio teleplays.


Bless me this day, O God,
cleanse me of all my sins,
a snake shedding its skin;
protect me from the wicked,
help me evade their snares
like deer flee hungry bears;
please shower Your blessings
like April rains nourish
the earth, makes flowers flourish;
protect my friends and kin
like shields ward fighting men;
all praise Your holy Name.


Many temptations
vanish like mist beneath the
hot morning sun if
I measure myself against
God’s Word rather than others.

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