Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- Three Poems

Gift of Mystery

We came forth from what was
To be part of what is,
Eternity much more
Than just time...
God much more than what was once,
What is now,
Or what will ever be...
What transpired before what was?
How much is in what is now,
And who knows what will be?
The Spirit knows...
Our lack of knowledge
A gift of Love,
An example of His mercy.

Another Day

All we do here shall pass away,
Both the work of our hands
And the longing of our hearts;
They shall be as a seed that is planted,
Whose fruit is discovered another day.

The Seed

Love is the only seed cast forth
That will bear fruit that endures.
All other seeds will be devoured on the way,
Or left in the dry places.
Tears of love are gathered beforehand,
And the fruit of beauty is the reward
For all whose hope is in the seed.
For the seed is both planted and grows,
Bearing fruit on the way,
Casting off and gathering,
Unto the perfect day.

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