Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Calvary Cross is Closed

Calvary Cross is Closed

Thank you to all the poets and artists and photographers for making Calvary Cross so successful!  It is with great sadness we're closing her down.  Please send your poems that you have emailed in to another poetry site.  There are many great poetry sites out there.

Keep writing and Mega Cheers & Blessings!!!

Stephen Jarrell Williams



  1. As with Dead Snakes and UFO Gigolo, I hope the archives remain.

    Not too many sites open to Christian poetry and thought.

    But running three sites is a whole lot of work.

  2. gee back to back blows! first dead snakes now calvary! I'm not happy.

  3. Hope all is good. I just think - you should continue these two blogs. So many of us loved submitting our work. At the same time you gave us a chance to read beautiful poems. I am from India, and you connected me to so many poets around the world. I agree there are many other sites but these were maybe favourite of many poets. Good luck!

  4. I am truly sorry to see this site close. It was very inspirational to all readers. I wish you the best of luck and be well.




    Who knew your websites
    Calvary Cross and
    Dead Snakes
    would vanish
    with the morning light?

    Fool that I am
    I thought they'd
    be inspiring us
    for years to come
    like your God

    Can you see me
    Stephen? I've
    said the Bar-ruch-a
    over my cheese omelet
    watered the garden
    and howdy'd the birds

    Yet my mind is
    disturbed. Your
    mustache quivers
    in your online
    photo. Unlike you
    I am no bard nor
    prophet, yet closing
    down your mansions
    does not bode well.

    Keep your unblinking faith
    Know that we who followed you
    Will keep you tucked inside
    and always remember your
    emails, "You have been published
    in Calvary Cross"
    Cheers and blessings,

  6. No one could have said it better than Ruth Z. Deming. There is no other site doing what Calvary Cross did. But I can fully understand how running three sites at the same time and holding down a job would take the wind out of someone. Perhaps some day Stephen will return and that would be a wonderful thing.