Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ron L. Hodges- Three Poems

"Ron L. Hodges is an English teacher and poet who resides in Orange County, California. Besides Calvary Cross, his works have appeared in Ancient Paths, A Time for Singing, and the 2015 and 2016 Society of Classical Poets Journal. He won first prize in the Society of Classical Poets 2016 contest."

“For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”
                                                                        James 3:16
You are the child
Who cuts another’s string
Instead of soaring his own kite
Into the open sky.
You are the woman
Who gorges on a buffet
Of celebrity destruction,
Then breaks her mirror.
You are the man
Who gnashes his teeth at inequality
Within a haze of torpid
You are the leader
Who fights for the little
Against the big
So you can be biggest.
You are the philosopher
Who convinces great men
They are small
But doesn’t grow himself.
You are the angel
Who fell to the earth
Because the universe was
Too immense.
You are the heart of the devil himself.
A Word for You
You never seem to listen anymore.
   Though I yearn to bare my inner secrets,
Pursue a closeness that will help you live,
   So many distractions get in the way.
Television—the phone—keeps you enthralled,
   While I sit, my leather getting dusty,
Silken undergarments untouched by eyes,
   Nubile—virile—just a museum piece.
Surely, I can’t remain so neglected.
   But do you even desire my presence?
We could, together, achieve anything—
   What can I do if you won’t heed my words?
      Well, I won’t leave; you’re the reason I’m here.
      Tell me to go, I’ll still show you the door.
Birthed by God: A Hymn
Every being is birthed by God,
And owns eternal parentage;
Yet many still give Fate the nod,
Nix His image?
Every face is formed by God,
But many mirror the devil’s grin;
And though for sin they may applaud,
What hides within?
Every heart is hewn by God,
But many beat for selfish aim;
And though for flesh their steps have trod,
Aren’t we the same?
Every mind is made by God,
But many turn their thoughts astray;
And when their arguments are flawed,
What should we say?
Every soul is shaped by God,
But many choose to flout this fact;
And when they scoff that faith is fraud,
How to react?
Since all of us are birthed by God,
There’s more than on the surface lies;
So look beyond the grim façade
Through Heaven’s eyes!
For everyone is loved by God—
For this he sent His only Son;
And though like beasts we’ve daily clawed,
Through Christ we’re won!

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