Monday, June 6, 2016

Ramona Thompson- Three Poems

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past credits include Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Blood Moon Rising, Infernal Ink, This Ain't No Rodeo and many more.
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Come In Faith
Let go all doubts
Set free your soul
And be saved
Trust in His glory
To reveal your true story
Prayer by prayer
Let go and let God
For the first time in your life
To save your life
Let Him do
What only He can do

Don't let go
Just hold on
With all you've got
Cause if you believe it
The dream can come true
He can make it real
All He ask?
Just come
Come to Him
One and all
With your all
Come in faith

Life's a dance
Bittersweet sometimes
But never down and out
You gotta fight
You gotta reach
Trust in something
Someone bigger than yourself

You got it
If you want it
A chance to win big
Between the pages
In His word
Every lesson you'll ever need
Every victory yours
With Him at your side
Just come in faith
Let it do its work
And never more will you have
To fear again

2016 Ramona Thompson
Blessing Blocker
Get outta my way
Don't you dare try
Can't come between me and my Jesus
Cause I got faith
Forever I'm sticking
To my savior's side
No doubt
No looking back
No blessing blocker
To stand in my way

He's up there
I know it
Can't make me not
Believe it
Trust it
With all of my heart and soul
A higher power
Loves me
No blessing blocker
Gonna make me
Turn my back
Today or any day

It's eternal
This holy and oh so special feeling
Lifting me higher and higher
He's my one
He's my only
Blessing blocker
Better go find another game to play
Cause I'm too busy
On my knees
Yeah, leave me alone
To pray

Blessing blocker
Your day is done
As a matter of fact
It never even began
Cause hope is mine
And I'm running with it
Woman in constant motion
In His word
Finding the greatest strength
All that I need and more
And best of all?
With Him by my side
The most wonderful life
It's only just begun!

2016 Ramona Thompson
The Miracle In Your Life
Here it is
Your best chance
To live
The life you've always wanted
Just gotta be brave
Be bold
Let Him in
Swim in the pool of His everlasting word

Praise the one who is above
Your master and teacher
True lover of your soul
Holding out His hand
Waiting for you
To finally get it
You don't have to do it
All alone
He walks with you
Beside you
All day
Every day

He's your Lord
He's your savior
Your one and only
He'll never lead you wrong
Here to save you from sin
All forgiven
Now it's up to you
To make that choice
Do you accept Him?
As the miracle in your life

2016 Ramona Thompson

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