Monday, June 6, 2016

Jim Boggs- Three Poems

Jim Boggs is from Harlan County Kentucky and has spent most of his life working as Broadcaster in Radio and Television. He is currently working on, “Kentucky Twilight”, a book of regional poetry.  He resides in Hazard Kentucky.   

Behind the wall

broke the walls
surrounding me.
A single word which
a thousand prayers
did not produce
came to me
in the darkness.
A road of light
lay before me.
Peace and insight
came at once.
I was in awe.

Wandering is hard work

Father change me-
I have tried to change myself
and have not managed.
Searching-pain is a cliché,
and still lemmings run
as fingers go back to the fire.
The unseen me….”
The unknown me,
except by you….
“Your will is my will,”
I say then
here I am doing,
when believing

My Blood Cries Out

Holding back tears

I feel a primordial

call of a homeland

from which I was
separated long ago.

Is it God I long for

or my ancestral home?

It seems I miss a place
from which I never came
and desire to return to
a place I’ve never seen

a glimpse of green and

craggy hills with gently flowing
streams. Is this the

place I came from

or just a place of dreams? 

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