Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tammy Watson- A Poem

                        THE GARDEN

Since time began, God had a plan
He planted a garden, for all of man.
He placed us there, so we would mature,
But He saw our thoughts, and they were not pure.
We defiled the garden, then told a lie,
So He cast us out, so the garden would not die.
He let us wander, through the earth,
To make us learn, what the garden was worth.
We toiled the ground, but peered through the fence,
So God soon came to our defense.
In His compassion, He built a new way
To get back into the garden someday.
A brand new gate, He made so wide,
In the shape of a cross, with blood on each side.
All we have to do, is accept what He’s done,
And we could enter back in, through the gate called
                                   “MY SON”
So the gate is wide open, for all who believe,
And the garden is ready, for us to receive.

BIO: Tammy is a singer, songwriter & guitar player in the gospel band “BEACON ROAD” from Moundsville, WV.

She was a country music performer for over 25 years, opening for big acts such as Lori
Morgan, T.G. Shepherd, etc. appearing on Wheeling Jamboree & Jamboree in the Hills until the Lord called her out of that life to serve Him in song.

She now performs in her 6 piece band which also includes her husband, Rick, on Bass & their
daughter, Jody who plays guitar & sings.

She has recorded 10 CD’s, which 2 are gospel albums. All are original songs she has written.
She loves writing songs & sometimes poetry for they go hand in hand.

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