Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Charles Burgess- A Poem

A wing and a prayer

I look at my kids and I smile
I prayed for them now I know true love
The day they were born my life was complete
I was leaning on a wing and a prayer
I pray to my lord for all things to come true
I pray for the entire racism in the world to go away
That’s right I pray for all things
I pray for you to find your true happiness
In all things you do I pray for you
God is with you all day long
With the lord you cannot go wrong
I pray for those with cancer
Even if I don’t know you I pray for you
I sit on a wing and a prayer, I pray for all things
I pray for the kids that may find food
I pray for the parents who beat their children
I pray for all things, I pray for it not to rain
I will pray for you even if you do me wrong
I will pray you find god all day long
Do you believe in prayer?
Will you hit your knees and pray
I pray for you today
God is real god is great there is nothing that god tries to fake
Listen to my words if you see someone holding a sign do not point and stare
This person may be your angel
You never know what helping that person might do
I pray for you
That’s right I said I pray for you
With the lord I can do all things
With him by my side
He tears he wipes, my eyes fill with tears
I began to weep, my love for my lord runs deep
I pray for the little girl who cannot walk
I pray for the people who have had Ebola
And that they may be cured
I pray for all things this I do I will pray for you
I love my lord this I know to be true
Thank you lord I love you.

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