Saturday, November 15, 2014

Henry Lapp- Two Poems

Love is Strange

Love is Strange
Here and gone in a day
Human love is imperfect
But I'm all for it

Not for lust but for love
Which God gave us all
If we love God more than ourselves
We would love more of anyone else

I pray you will one day feel
The power of God as you heal
And forget the love lost, the broken heart
And find a love the won't part

Life is What You Make It

All you can do is your best
No more, no less
Life is what you make it
Please don't forsake it

We are only here for a little while
Then God dials
Us up and takes us away
Because we weren't meant to stay

Pickup your craft and do it well
Love each other as if under a spell
Our moments are too short for hate
Please don't make your life a waste

We all do each other wrong
But that's part of the song
Without pain we know no joy
Life is not a toy!

Our time draws ever closer
God is the great composer
Cherish every bit
Life is what you make it

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