Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chris Roe- Three Poems


Shafts of light
Through cathedral windows.
Dappled shade
Upon the leaves
Beneath my feet.
Bird song
In the branches above.

In the distance
Hind and fawn
Cross the forest track.
The sweet fragrance of autumn
Fills the misty air.

A gentle breeze
Moving colours
To the forest floor.

So precious
Such beauty,

So hard to find
Such peaceful sanctuary.


We meet again.
The moment,
Kind and generous,
The beauty,
Peaceful and serene.

The spirit alive
In all that is
And not what could be.

And all of this
Born of love,
In a moment
That is timeless
And always


Today I have eaten,
Today I was able to drink
Clean, uncontaminated water.
Today I have a house to live in
And a bed to sleep in,
Today other members
Of my human family
Starved to death

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