Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Miss MT Loughnane- A Poem

In your weakness

In isolation lies a trap, waiting for its prey
The fertile mind a hunting ground, broken, battered, grey
Where once was hope, confusion lies, racing broken mind
So many thoughts, all at once, confused, all seeing, blind.
Wasted hours, wasted days, wasted months and years
Not thinking straight, then thinking straight, anger, sadness, tears.
What is peace to such a soul, nothing seems to stay
Every little piece of joy is snatched and torn away.
Broken body, broken heart, tormented twisted soul
To see such darkness straight ahead, takes a heavy toll
To give your heart, to give your mind, your hopes and all your dreams
To wait for just one happy day, waiting endlessly
To see real darkness and feel it's breath, its laughter in your face
Wondering if anything could ever take its place
Or if consumed by so much fear, you'll never hope or love
To harden up your very soul, even to God above
This is the place where he works best, as you lie upon the ground
Dead inside you close your eyes to the God who can be found
Then comes a choice to give your heart, your trust to he who cares
To understand this suffering is because he was not there
He does not force his love on you, or his healing touch
But wants you for his very own, a child he'll love so much
So whatever darkness fills you up, please ask him to reveal
To show you who he really is to see to hear to feel
Nothing else will heal your mind, nothing ever can
This suffering could really be, part of your life plan
So what direction to you go? down to the abyss?
Or do you want to meet someone, who loves, who cares, who lives?

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