Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hild Sirri Ndenecho- Two Poems


Pain will kill
But words will heal
On days like this
When I feel no peace
I hide in the shadows of words
I blend my pain in the ink
And let go all I have got
I melt into the letters
Letting out my fears,
Don’t waste my tears
Each one has a story
Each one creates a melody;
I’ve found my transformer;
Turn my wrongs
To joyful songs
Turn my misgivings
To thanksgivings
Turn my no
To yes
When all is uncertain,
Out comes the poet
From behind the curtain
She draws from weakness
And creates from the mess
She is stability
And she is me
When all of me feel like dying,
God brings out the poet in me


She stares in the mirror
She sees an image
But it’s a misdemeanor
She feels much rage
The image speaks voices
Loud and crazy noises
“Not good enough”
“Not slim enough”
“Not fair enough”
“Not tall enough”
“Not beautiful enough”
She’s imprisoned by voices;
“Get heels so high,
I’d be tall enough”
“Lose weight off my thigh,
I’d be slim enough”
“Just a little bleach,
I’d be fair enough”
“Just a bit more rich
I’d be good enough”

Beneath the surface
Beneath the sad face
Beauty searches for resolve
True self waiting for revolve
Beauty asking for answers
Who defines beauty?
Who creates beauty?
Who weighs beauty?
In the petals of flowers
In the green of nature
In the running waters
In the colors of rainbows
Lies a world of blended beauty
The difference of colors
The difference of shades
Give the world a beauty
Beauty that never fades

Our beautiful world
Is all in differences
Different shades and colors
So are beautiful people
What makes you different,
Makes you all beautiful

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