Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jonathan Beale- Two Poems

Lent Days

Easter people trod first
Upon that shadowed day
The still wind
Kissed their cheek
And the days drew in

The sand between toes
And dust between fingers
The tabernacles stayed
The portent to be flayed
The days started to grow

Gethsemane became the monument
14 stations and the rise
Here there is no place for dust
Here is where life’s a must
Until Golgotha was found

The sun rose – life rose
The birth of the Easter people
The concerto rung
Rebirth was sung
The Lenten days bore The Easter People

In The Scarcity

Remnants - lay scattered
Yet almost placed by an unseeing hand.
With the look of garage, shed, or workshop
Things lay strewn - yet in some
Perfect sequence.
The deep alter wine among
The missals – words compressed
And as linear as a lifetime –
Here the base celebrant
Lies in wait.
They come along
As the old Greek
Philosophers knew
Tiny injections lead to
Great ravines
Spaces, places to think –
To breathe - the reflection
Between sky and river
Draws and draws
And expectation of the world
To be revealed
From within the chalice
When it was there
All along.

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