Saturday, May 16, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

of anger & forgiveness
we're not as innocent as we
want everyone to believe
for we persecuted Your son to a
death He didn't deserve,
and so when i see people always trying
to play the part of martyr when
they are the bully
i cannot help but become incensed;
but You tell me to forgive them
as You have me, 
but i'll admit this isn't always easy for me
sometimes i want to hold their sins
against them;
but that isn't loving as You do and so i have
learned to swallow my pride and 
crucify my ego to forgive where You would have me
and to walk away from people when i have to
because You have given me a perfect
peace i do not want to forget.

love & respect 
You were always there 
when no one else could be bothered to care,
and You dried the tears from my cheeks
put me to sleep
when no one was there to hold me
or comfort me in their arms;
and You remind me
that my worth is infinite even if the world cannot
see it that You can and that makes me 
determined to find a partner that 
loves me as You do and i can love him as You
do me;
but i will never settle for anyone who disrespects
You because they would likely
disrespect me, too.

awesome enormity 
You made the heavens and the stars
and every ocean wave
every sunset and sunrise and smile of
a kind stranger,
You made love and laughter and You have
spared me from so many disasters;
it is so hard to fathom sometimes how someone
with such infinite power and strength and 
enormous arms
could care for so much for me 
when i am but a gaunt footstep in this world;
yet You do,
and i feel Your presence when the tears won't stop
flowing and when laughter leaves my lips
You are there to encourage me
so i can encourage and love others as you have me
You have given me perfect peace even when
i am in the eye of the storm,
and i could never describe how awesome You are 
to the world in enough words.

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