Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Three Poems

Nail Me To Your Calvary Cross

Take me higher
Feed me
With faith
Light me up
In his glory
Righteous and true
Show me the way
To live the life
On my knees
He wants me to

He is the sword
I hold
The mercy of whom I dream
With him
I am everything
Without him
I am nothing
Even less then vomit
And so proud I am
To bear whatever burden
He puts upon me
For in due time
I know
Upon his wings
To the sweet Heavens above
Someday I shall be lifted

So mistake not
Who I serve and why
My perfect master
In all things
Earth and above
There for sure is no other
Now or ever
I shall not be the sad one
To stray
Eternal in his arms
Blessed be
I stay
Removed by man nor beast
I wanna be

So open the door
Get back
All you devils
I won't be held down
Now that I've surrendered
Given up all
My life is his
His will
My will
Nail me oh lord
Yes, please
Nail me
Nail me to your calvary cross

2015 Ramona Thompson

God Bless Bruce Jenner

Tall and proud
Feel no shame
In at last finding
The beautiful woman
God made you to be
Sweet smile
Perfect hair
How could you be anything but blessed?

Follow every dream
In his name praise
The joyous discovery of your self truth
No matter the critics' jeers
Know in the Heavens above
There are for you
A thousand cheers

You are a true inspiration
An earthbound angel for sure
A gift rare and wonderful
What more can be said?
Such a lovely transformation to come
Thank you for being you
God bless Bruce Jenner
Our hero
Praised most high
By this savior above
Never so proud
As now

2015 Ramona Thompson

He Took The Sword

I was fallen
Full of vengeance and sin
My lust for payback
Knew no bounds
I had turned my back
All faith lost
I knew no God
No man named Jesus
These knees refused to bend

Man made monster
Consumed by rage
Blinded by fury
I refused any pleas for mercy
Blood was my drink
My enemies flesh was my food
Soon ashamed
I prayed
Salvation would find me

All was lost
Tears flooded my soul a river
Raw and broken
I crawled forward
Barely an inch at a time
For the first time
I sought the lord I had never dared before
To believe in

In the darkness
A light fell upon me
An invisible hand
Upon my shoulder
Smoothing words
I heard in my head
A small, still voice
And then I knew
I was forgiven
The day I turned
Gave all up to a savior
Who by grace still was there beside me

2015 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been a writer for more then 20 years with such publishing credits to her name as Fifth Di ezine and This Ain't No Rodeo.

Fans/readers may contact her anytime on facebook or

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