Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jay Frankston- Two Poems

               THE WORD "GOD"

If you say the word "GOD"
not "use" it, just "say" it
without attaching a definition
without searching for a meaning,
If you say the word "GOD"
without a prayer or a supplication at the end
without a visual or imaginary being in your mind
If you say the word "GOD" under your breath,
in a whisper or in a scream of hopelessness and despair,
if you say it often enough this word "GOD"
so full of all there is, so rich in time and space
so infinite and eternal,
If you say it often enough
"GOD"  "GOD"  "GOD"
say it, count it, till you stop counting
not with conviction, not with faith or belief,
just the word "GOD" repeated
over and over again
for an uninterrupted period of time,
the word will not enter through your brain
and seek to define itself
it will enter through your heart.
Just say the word "GOD"
"GOD"  "GOD"  "GOD"
the feeling will penetrate your soul
and the word will open up,
you will be filled with the light of the word
and GOD will be with you for an instant.


                    THE WORD

HE wrote a word on a sheet of paper,
a word that shook and trembled and spoke.
He looked at it and didn't know
how or why or where it came from.
He read it and reread it
though it was but one word
yet it filled him with light
and bliss and joy.
He sat on the grass under a tree
the notepad in his hand
but no other word
would come from his pen
yet his eyes shone like a light
and there was like a halo over his head.
I looked over his shoulder
and the word on his pad
was "God".

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