Thursday, July 30, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

unconditional love

He has told me
i have a worth more
than rubies,
and so i will not be treated as anything
less than magical
because He tells me i am worth it
even in the ugliest moments
of my life He has loved
and told me that i was beautiful;
so go away with your judgments and your
to Him i am of infinite worth
i am here to please Him not you.

maker of the universe

an oak does not bend its knees
for a king
so i will not bow before these
idols the world has
created for me
because He is so much wonderful and powerful
than they could ever hope to be,
and He has done more
in a single second
than they could ever dream of doing;
a river does not stop rushing
for a stone,
and so i will not stop serving Him simply because
someone disapproves of my worship
i owe Him everything;
but i owe them nothing.

no excuses, no judgments

they all stand there with their
stones raised high
judgments and condemnations
you can see the hatred in their eyes
just waiting to rip those who
they disagree with to pieces,
but He commands us to be love the way
He has loved us;
drop your stones
glass houses are easily broken
He has given us kindness and mercy we
didn't deserve
even in our darkest moments He loves us,
and so i will love them
no matter what you say because none of us
is perfect or better than the other
still can remember all my scars and all my anger
and all my sin,
but He pardons it all
so i have no excuse to judge them.

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