Saturday, August 1, 2015

Charles Burgess- A Poem

Hand of Salvation

Take the hand of salvation this man died for me and you.
Take his hand let his light guide you day in and day out.
I am here to tell you what the lord is all about.
So sit back listen close to what I have to say
Jesus will come back for our souls one day
Take the hand of salvation not the hand of man
Pray to him every day just talk to him
Let him know how you feel if you are sick take his hand
You will get healed days are dark no matter! god is there.
Take the hand of salvation on this dark, dark road
Gold knows what twists and turns your life holds
Put your faith in god walk hand in hand with him
He will show you the way.  Jesus is here to stay!
People turn their backs on him at the drop of a hat.
The world would be worse than it is if not for the salvation
People say god doesn’t exist?
Sit back and let me ask you this
If Jesus is not real look at your kids
Look in their eyes tell me they are not angels
If god was not real how can something so beautiful be standing there
You claim he don’t exist what about the people who have beat cancer?
God gave the world doctors the knowledge to save lives
I don’t know why there is so much hate in this world
I know god is here I know god is real and takes away fear open your heart if you want to hear
The words of god listen closely I can tell you how
You must know deep within your heart that Jesus and your soul will never be apart
He will show you the light he will be your guardian when the devil tries to fight
People listen to what I say your very soul is at stake
Pray to god when you are sad he understands all the bad you have
No one has a love like Jesus he gave his life so that we have a reason
We sometimes forget what god really means
People are so worried about money and greed
But people have forgot prayer is in need
No one understands how bad this world will be
So listen up world I am going to tell you how much Jesus means to me
I ask myself every day as tears from my face Lord help me tell me my place
People laugh they point and stare but I don’t care who it makes mad I praise the lord
Day after day I sit alone and just pray, I pray for all things I pray to have
This world rid of the monsters who rape and kill not for me to judge only god will
People act as if their soul doesn’t matter
Tomorrow is not promised you see, live ever day as if it is your last.
He was whipped and beaten until his back was bloody he wore a crown of thorns.
If that is not love I don’t know is, the lord Died for our sins.
Do you believe in god I want to know? Do you let your heart be bitter or do you just let things go
God is the greatest gift in this world today when so many have lost their way
I write today about the hand of salvation pray to god so your soul don’t face eternal damnation
Repent today give your heart to Jesus things will fall into place.
I write because god puts the words in my heart His voice is well heard
Children of the world go without food, no shelter, yet they keep a smile on their face
God is with them he will never fade away
Thank you god I ask for a lot I want the world to see
Not just with your eyes but look into your soul
Time passes by the world grows darker and darker
Take the hand of salvation hold your Bible high
Let the world know you stand for your god let it show
Ever one wants to talk about white pride, black pride, no one mentions Jesus pride
So stand up world don’t sit back and hide.
Let’s show the world we love Jesus Christ!

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