Saturday, August 1, 2015

Richard D. Givens- Two Poems


When the great I AM created time
There became the concept of when
And over time Man found a need
To measure what is day and night.

Ever dissatisfied, we divided, multiplied
The nanos nearby to millennia above
And completely missed His wish for us-
By day and night to give Him our love.

There it lies between the trees
Or on the beach ‘twixt dune and sea
Ever present but oft concealed
There will always be a battlefield

Can you watch and simply fiddle?
Is there safety in the middle
As sides decide and are congealed
On either end of the battlefield?               

Will your words be right or wrong?
Are you the singer or just the song?
Will you to speculation yield
Or arm the truth for the battlefield?

With sword and armor you must gird
To take your stand in deed and word.
May grace and bravery be your shield
Upon that bloody battlefield.

Though you plant a park with daffodils
Upon the ground where views are killed
And take refuge in the victory sealed,
There will always be a battlefield.

Richard D. Givens, a life-long resident of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, started reading and writing poetry by the 6th grade.  After attaining a degree in English, he honed his skills as he supported his family through various careers, from truck driving to I.T. network support to oilfield sales.  He published a small volume in 1975, but continued to get printed in various periodicals, anthologies and contests over the years.  Richard taught "Creative Writing With the Tools of Poetry" at the local community college and has done readings and a workshop in his Valley home.  Recently retired, he plans to do more writing in his spare time.

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