Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ron L. Hodges- Three Poems

Can You?

Can you love me like the Lord?

Will you love me even when I neglect you
in favor of other things that seem more
interesting at the time, maybe a football game
or new electronic gadget?

When I’m unresponsive to your words,
drowning you out with the sages of
media and popular culture?

When I care more about what friends think
than what you think?

When I find the things I’ve supposedly rejected
more attractive? When I take a furtive glance
at a supple body, or do things that violate
my vows?

When I care more about what strangers think
than what you think?

When I do my best to hide the fact
I'm with you, acting like I’m the same guy
I was before we met?

When I ask you to forgive me for the things
I know I’ll do at the next opportunity?

When I overlook the love you’ve
given me, but accuse you of not caring
when things turn sour?

When I only spare a few dollars for
all of your needs?

When I only come around when I need

When I don’t fight temptation?

When I beg forgiveness for
not fighting temptation?

When I get surly if any of my needs
aren’t met as quickly as I want?

When I take you for granted, letting my
appearance go because I’ve already got

When I don’t show affection?

When I give in to temptation,
and plead yet again
for forgiveness?

When I question our relationship
because I can’t seem to do what
I’m expected to?

Can you love me like the Lord?
I want to craft a hero’s story,
a memorable life of glory,
but the plot I’ve written begs for action,
and its point seems picayune to me.

The would-be hero yearns for a test,
some cause to ignite his icy breast,
yet his days are mundane, not like Gawain,
or any knight on a noble quest.

It could be this writer lacks the skill
to author a tale of gallant will.
Perhaps only when I resign the pen
will my life engender epic thrill?

For there’s an artist greater than I,
one even philistines can’t deny,
who sculpted our earth and authored childbirth—
His creations last after we die.

So, who better to author my tale?
He’ll shape the plot, I’ll fill the detail.
Combined to complete this momentous feat—
with such a guide, no story can fail.

Still, I can choose to work all alone,
scrawling words like a lackluster drone.
A book done by myself dies on a shelf,
lost in dust among stories unknown.
God’s Friendship

When misfortune strikes my life like a swell,
Pulling me deep into a wave of guilt,
I muse on what sins these punishments fell—
Which fault of mine caused Your rage to be split?
I know that my thoughts have been led astray;
I fear my forgiveness is overdrawn.
Yet is Your love fully taken away—
Can I reach a state when friendship is gone?
One reason that these gloomy thoughts arise
Is, in your place, I would drown me with wrath
For the lustful betrayal of heart and eyes—
For the rote forsaking of God’s own path.
Thankful I am, Lord, that Your bond is true.
No sin, Your friendship, will ever undo.

"Ron L. Hodges, an English teacher, began creating original work a couple of years ago, primarily poetry. His work has thus far appeared in Ancient Paths Literary Magazine,  the 2015 Society of Classical Poets Journal; and most recently in the Time of Singing 2015 Summer Journal. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two young sons, and works at the highly-regarded Oxford Academy High School in Cypress, California."


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