Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

Faith As A Weapon
Beware those who pray too much
Shout out their eternal love and devotion
Acting as mindless zombies
With no free will or thought of their own
Cult like
So eager
To drag you
Into their circle
Holy, holy, holy
Or is it really
Unholy, unholy, unholy

Gotta watch your back
For their knifes of idol worship are sharp
The cruelest of the cruel
False faces
Hiding deadly secrets
Whispers carry sin
Praising Christ
In truth answering
Only to the selfish whims of their devil's vanity within
Not an one to be trusted
Or with open arms accepted

All must be rejected
Your life kept apart
Never part of the whole
Or forever you'll be under their control
Church going fiends
Encased in human flesh
Sprouting off at the mouth
All they think
You wanna hear
All the better to trap you with
Using faith as a weapon

2015 Ramona Thompson
Ramona Thompson has been writing for more than 20 years. Her past and current credits include Dead Snakes, Infernal Ink, Blood Moon Rising, Howl, Calvary Cross and many more.
Readers/fans may reach her on facebook or via her e-mail reddstar111@gmail.com  

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